A new type of aerial beach yoga… with a Hong Kong twist

Bikram yoga, restorative yoga, hatha yoga, even yoga with your pets - Hong Kong has every possible variation of the discipline on offer. But a new type of aerial beach yoga led by Aleksandra Milewicz is proving popular, and it has a uniquely local - and eco-friendly - twist.


Tensions between local and mainland students are simmering beneath an invisible wall of cultural and political divisions. But how do the two sides feel about each other and is there room, or even any willingness, for open dialogue? Our mini-documentary examines whether students, teachers and the University of Hong Kong's halls of residence can help reunite a divided campus.

Drone Revival

Drones are a relatively new technology and are popular in Hong Kong – especially among hikers. But what happens if your quadcopter goes off-radar?

Meet Hong Kong’s drone retrieval team, who have already rescued over 300 drones after launching last year.

World’s first-ever 4D printing for ceramics

A research terams at City University of Hong Kong has developed the world's first four-dimensional or 4D printing for ceramics, footage filmed on Thursday shows. Professor Lu Jian, who led project, said the high-melting point of ceramics complicate their casting and shaping with conventional laser-printing techniques.

Hundreds mark fourth anniversary of Umbrella Movement

Hundreds of demonstrators assembled in front of the Hong Kong government headquarters on Friday to mark the fourth anniversary of huge pro-democracy rallies, called the Umbrella Movement. Protesters held yellow umbrellas in commemoration of the 2014 demonstrations, in which tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets for 79 days, with umbrellas to shield themselves from police pepper spray.

National Day Protest 2018

Thousands of pro-democracy supporters marched through Hong Kong on Monday to demonstrate against the Chinese government on China's National Day. The demonstration comes a week after authorities banned the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), claiming that it posed a threat to national security.

Slutwalk Hong Kong 2017

Slutwalk Hong Kong 2017


(Studio Package—VO by Sida Wang)

Tired of running? What about bouncing? Try exercising with a special boot that has elastic pad. The latest fitness activity will take your workout to a new level.